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    I’am Joan and with Adèle, Elodie and Maud, we presente you our blog about this beautiful country “LePays basque” (“EUSKAL HERRIA”).

      Le Pays Basque is situated in the southwest of France, in the border of Spain and at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

      The Pays basque extends in the South of Adour between Atlantic Coast, Pyrenees and Bearn, it consists of former 3 provinces: Labourd gincluding the harbour cities known well by Bayonne about Hendaye, Low Navarre and its administrative center, Holy Jean Pied de Port (Donibane Garazi), finally The Soule in the Mountainous landscapes around Mauléon.

      The Basque Coast after the vast beaches of Landes becomes very steep and cuts from Biarritz, it presents us a succession of cliffs until going 50 meters in height Hendaye.


      The Basque Mountain as for its is established by the Western part of Pyrenees in summits less abrupt, the peak of the Pays Basque is the Peak of Orhy in peaking Soule in 2017m. As a general rule the highest summits are situated east of the region towards Bearn and in the South along the Spanish border.



      The climate of the Pays Basque is naturally very moderate and soft, influenced by the Gulf Stream which allows to maintain with this maritime influence and the natural protection of the Pyrenean barrier an annual average temperature near 13 ° there.

    The Autumns and Winters are soft and pleasant, the rather soft but rainy Spring, and the summer without excess of temperatures. An important pluviometry allows the Basque landscape to be green all year round.



      The Pays Basque is a region rich in history with its culture, its traditions and its appropriate language. Today, many people ask for the creation of a Real department Basque country.

      Labourd, French Basque coast, of Biarritz, Bayonne (Baiona) and Anglet in Saint Jean de Luz (Donibane Lohizune) and Hendaye, the Peach, the seaside Tourism, the Thalasso Therapy, Luxury hotels and Casinos, the Surfing but also small typical villages inside lands, their churches, their traditionals houses “Labourdines”...

      Low Navarre, situated between France, Navarre and England, has sudden of numerous influences of which shows its architecture, Holy Jean Pied de Port, Irouleguy and his wines, Holy Etienne de Baigorry, Holy Palace, pastures and forests...

      The Soule, the smallest and the most anchored in its traditions, the summits of the Pays Basque, the thick forests, the gorges, the shepherds and their herds, Mauléon, Larrau, Saint Engrâce...


                                            The suite next week…

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