• Bayonne Ham

    The legend of Bayonne ham ...
    "One day, during a beat, Gaston Phoebus wounded a boar. The animal ran ... it was discovered by hunters, a few months later, buried in a salt spring in Salies-de-Bearn. The animal was in perfect condition! Thus we discover the cure of the Adour basin. "
    But already in the year 10 a Roman general mentions of a flourishing tradebetween Bordeaux and Bayonne ham.

    The hams of yesteryear
    The geological and climatic conditions of the basin of the Adour, between dry weather and humidity, are favorable for curing ham.
    It is produced in all villages of the basin. It is the city of Bayonne, with its port activity that allows to export the ham, make it known ... hence the name "Bayonne ham." Jeanne d'Albret and her son Henry, as Louis XIV were the firstambassadors.

    Even today, they make the Bayonne ham in the Adour basin. Each year in Bayonne, during Holy Week, we celebrate the ham ... and that since 1462.

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