• Meet Bob: London brewer in Hasparren


    Bob, this is Robin Worboys, a Briton who has left his life in London to create a brew pub in the Basque Country. It was inspired by one of his ancestors, who founded the brewery in Cambridge, England Stourton.

    The brewery Etxeko Bob's Beer is located in Hasparren, 15 minutes from the center of Bayonne. It produces beers and gourmet natural.

    The first Bob's Beer is a blonde European golden color with a fruity aroma and rich hop. It contains no additives. It is neither filtered nor pasteurized.

    As his beer, Bob's eyes sparkle when he explains in his excellent French course and his desire to develop a quality product.

    Feel free to visit him, he hosts tours every Thursday at 18h. As for the store, it is open every afternoon from Monday to Thursday or by appointment.<o:p></o:p>


    Drink in moderation of course!<o:p></o:p>

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