In a green setting, a great place full of history ranked a UNESCO World Heritage!

    Ancient hospital foundation for pilgrims on the way to Saint Jacques de Compostela, the church of the Sainte Blaise hospital will surprise you by its sobriety and its sleek proportions.

    Probably next to the church, the hospital allowed travellers to take a break before the difficult crossing of Pyrenees. The Romanesque church carries the marks of the influences which crossed themselves on roads, from north to south and from south to north...

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    Isabelle and Patrice, two sailing enthusiasts realized their dream, opening a guest house on the water. Her name Djebelle is a blue house on the Adour moored at Pier de Lesseps.

    You embark on a beautiful English over 40 m long. The gateway takes you on a terrace overlooking one of the prettiest views of Bayonne.

    Can not decide between a room with oriental atmosphere, situated in front of the boat, or Isles of the room, installed in the cab of Petty: two real invitation to travel and dream.

    Cosily installed, you let yourself be lulled by the undulations of the river and share with your guests, this happiness over water.

    Time stops just landed on the water.<o:p></o:p>

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    The Arapaho is the newest of all terrain scooters, 100% downhill.<o:p></o:p>


    Sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers, go to the leisure of Baigura to Mendionde to ride this new machine.

    Without difficulty, you cross any terrain and down the slopes of the Basque mountains.

    Before, you must take the small tractor equipped to reach the summit.

    You will meet paragliders, mountain bikers, hikers who prepare their descent in the mid pottocks.

    Before starting, take the time to look, the view is spectacular.

    For the less adventurous, a nature trail was built on a massive way to learn while having fun.

    All, enjoy yourself.<o:p></o:p>

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    Bob, this is Robin Worboys, a Briton who has left his life in London to create a brew pub in the Basque Country. It was inspired by one of his ancestors, who founded the brewery in Cambridge, England Stourton.

    The brewery Etxeko Bob's Beer is located in Hasparren, 15 minutes from the center of Bayonne. It produces beers and gourmet natural.

    The first Bob's Beer is a blonde European golden color with a fruity aroma and rich hop. It contains no additives. It is neither filtered nor pasteurized.

    As his beer, Bob's eyes sparkle when he explains in his excellent French course and his desire to develop a quality product.

    Feel free to visit him, he hosts tours every Thursday at 18h. As for the store, it is open every afternoon from Monday to Thursday or by appointment.<o:p></o:p>


    Drink in moderation of course!<o:p></o:p>

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    Magnificent and famous forest in 1350m of height which extends for a girl left for French territory and for its major part in Spanish Navarre. Beeches, Walnuts, Birches and Fir trees constitute the majority of essences, numerous holiday resorts in the summer months, cross-country skiing in winter. A very favorite for the Chalet Pedro, a local institution, opened in season and where you will taste magnificent typical dishes of the local gastronomy in a friendly atmosphere in the corner of the fire. Very favorite also for Chalets Iraty, atypical accommodations offering you disorientation, charm, and tranquility!


    Numerous strolls and possible rides in forest, small numerous picturesque roads if you prefer your vehicle, or for the bravest, the bike! Attention on cows, ewe and other horses on the road!




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